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Welcome to HerpVenue.com my name is Ritchie Luna.  My interest in reptiles started when I took a Wildlife Biology class in high school.  It has slowly simmered in the back burner since that class.  Finally in 1997 I met my wife who was very understanding of my interests and was very enabling of my hobby.  That was when my interests turned into a passion.  I started acquiring animals left and right and I started my website RitchieReptiles.com.  I started breeding shortly thereafter.  In 2005 I left the Army and moved into a place where reptiles were not allowed so I had to reluctantly give up my interests and my collection.   In February 2011, I finally bought my own place and in April of that same year I started acquiring animals like there was no tomorrow and started a new website called HerpVenue.com

Currently, my hobby entails working with ball pythons and boa constrictors and as of October 2013, Black Headed Pythons.   I firmly believe in conservation through captive propagation.    I am a member of USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers) as well as my local herp association AHA (Arizona Herpetological Association).

10% of (Sales - shipping charges) will be donated to USARK Reptile Defense Fund
Each customer will be forwarded a copy of the donation.
  Good until December 9, 2015.